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Empyrean Dynasty Game 1, Turn 1, 10'000 years of Post Earth History!

 The first turn of my 23 players grand sci fi strategy game Empyrean Dynasty is done! Here is the turn report for interest and posterity! 

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Empyrean Dynasty Game 1 Public Report:

And So 10’000 years pass in the universe! This is a record of what happened during that time! (Please note the new planet names are just place holders – owners of said planets may notify me of their new names!)

·       The earth was swallowed by the sun! It is no more!


·       The Legion Corporation (@Joshinken) spread to nearby solar systems, establishing successful colonies that flourished into full planetary occupation!

o   LG1: A planet of bountiful islands on a huge black sea. An abundance of delicacies was found on the planet!

o   LG2: A planet of blue leafed jungle, the emissions of the never-ending foliage was found to spark the minds of the colonists into increased mental abilities!

o   On all three planets industrial capacity was focused on the production of heavily armoured planetary vehicles and personal battle suits for the fighting people of Legion.

o   During this time the  fuel rich gas of the planet Gerasene was totally drained and mined by the Legion in their expansion efforts. The corporation no longer had easy access to such a powerful fuel source.

o   LG1 and LG2 were co-settled by colonists from The Black Room Clan (@Local Cryptid) – though Legion cities and settlements were most prevalent and successful on these planet, small pockets of Black Room Clan populations exist. The terraforming efforts of The Black Room Clan seemed to increase the productivity and robustness of the local flora and fauna.


·       The spiked tanks of the Sigmaites Clan (@Scarius) rolled over the virgin soil of three new planets! Sending their military first, the clan established colonies, then planet wide occupation on:

o   SS1: A planet of pleasant, purple river plains - producing an invigorating rice-like food crop.

o   SS2: A planet of blue, grassy, plains – roamed by protein rich neo- buffalo.

o   SS3: A planet of red, steamy jungle – the lush vegetation flowering with fruit that rumoured to be the most delicious in the universe.

o   The healthy peoples of the Sigmaites clan celebrated the end of their decamillennium with lavish feasts – a healthy and robust people!


·       The Black Room Clan (@Local Cryptid) co-settled LG1 and LG2 alongside the Legion Corporation (@Joshinken). Where Legion conquered and grew and built, the black room worked quietly and carefully – studying the local environment and finding delicate ways to help the natural eco systems on these planets flourish.

o   Another colonisation attempt was conducted by The Black Room during this time, led by an unnamed leader of considerable terraforming abilities. Unfortunately the expedition was marred by internecine arguments regarding the ethics of colonisation and terraforming and after 10’000 years the settlement had not grown beyond that of a rudimentary colony. Additionally, no terraforming was done, leaving the planet relatively unproductive and environmentally harsh.

o   The rudimentary colony still exists on YT1: A salty globe of endless milky white sea.


·       APEX solutions (@Revenant's Quill) became the second most materially wealthy intergalactic organisation at this time!  Their cheap, yet high quality, personal weapon systems became widespread in use across the entire universe.  If there is a gun pointed at you, or you are pointing a gun, ANYWHERE in the universe – there’s a 90% chance it’s an APEX solutions gun!

o   The leader of the corporation at the start of the decamillennium, Fox Benedict, begun – and nearly completed – research into the APEX immortality program. Intended as a method for keeping Fox alive as the leader of the corporation for ever, billions of human and animal lives (exported to APEX from The Arcturus Bloodline Clan (@ceaselessCarbine) were ended prematurely in the torturous experimental process. Though Fox lived a very impressive 110 years, he died before the research was completed. The project continued though – but became somewhat sidetracked with attempts to resurrect Fox…

o   Though the immortality program was not completed -  an impressive amount of ground work has been laid by APEX solutions – the corporations research efforts perhaps are not far off finding the solution to human mortality.


·       The deca millennium was a near disaster for the Zhandou Albayanat Clan (@NondairyGiant) – the only silver lining from the time period was that they remained in control of their home world.

o   Several attempts at colonising new worlds were ruined by the clan’s poor space navigation abilities. Whole colony fleets with millions of lives were lost to the maw of endless space due to errors in navigational calculations!

o   Only one colony fleet arrived at its intended planet, HZ1. A paradise world of luscious red hills and crystals towers, roamed by good natured giant, crystal backed tortoises. Unfortunately, Alard Xingshi, leader of the expedition – the most gifted terraforming scientist the clan had ever seen had his mind break on trip through space. On arrival at HZ1, Alard anointed himself as a god and deemed to re-create HZ1 in his image. The Zhandou Albayanat colonists of became Alard’s fuel in turning HZ1 into a planet of flesh and blood, a planet wide art piece of unending pain. Bodies fed into terraforming machines, brains planted in the earth, bone stretched over mountains. Alard ultimately failed in turning HZ1 into a planet of flesh and blood – but the biosphere was so polluted by his experiments that the planet became uninhabitable. It is said the mad soul of Alard the Would be God still haunts the blood rain clouds of HZ1.

o   Back on the their homeworld of Heidong, thousands of caves are devoted to the memorial shrines of the lost colony fleets and their colonists. A yearly day of mourning is also observed. 


·       The Naurey (@Altchester) revolutionised industrial production during this time – their society becoming one of utter leisure after the total automatization of their economy. They become one of the materially wealthiest of intergalactic organisations – but their members and citizens were no doubt the envy of the rest of the universe with their lives of total novelty and trivial pursuits!


·       The Tranchierqlim (@jimble) disappeared beneath the surface of Ozesitala! It is not known what transpired beneath the surging pink waves of their oceanic homeworld!


·       The Liliang Entomo Clan (@papyrus1) spread out amongst the stars! Successfully settling on four new planets!

o   PL1: A world of pink sanded islands – glorious and calming, the sunsets here the envy of all the universe!

o   PL2: A planet of hard, jade mountains – beneath these mountains are endless caverns filled with succulent fungi.

o   PL3: A harsh planet of flat, dark purple glass.

o   PL4: A planet of orange fogged moors – the fog so thick it makes the lungs of the inhabitants particularly strong and athletic!

o   Sofos Loudong, a leader of the clan during this time, instituted a program of scientific experimentation into food crops available on all worlds of the Liliang Entomo Clan. The program was a brilliant success – the clan now had access to a crop of wheat that greatly invigorates the physical capability of the eater. Unfortunately, Loudong secretly implanted certain aspects of genetic mutation into the crops DNA – meaning those who consumed it both became addicted to it and enthralled by those who share the genetic make up of Loudong. This act essentially made the clan members who were not of the Loudong faction strong bodied addicts who were slavishly devoted to the head of the Loudong family. Addiction to the Sofos Bread and devotion to the Loudong Family were now an important reality for the Liliang Entomo Clan.


·       The Fraterni Renunti Clan (@wrongtube) – through near endless years of experimentation created an interstellar fuel, Renu Milk, of an extraordinary quality and efficiency. The exact process of its production are unknown to the universe at large but Renu Milk is ten times more efficient and powerful than any other fuel source known in the universe! Ships filled with Renu Milk fly much faster and further through the endless cosmos!

o   The clan’s homeworld of Ognos suffered no environmental degradation during this time, its forests and rolling hills remaining completely pristine, despite the clan’s emphasis on the production of intergalactic fuel! 


·       The colonising efforts of the Chatikrate Dynasty (@arkbrik) , blessed by the holy auspices of Queen Olympe XV were successful! Two additional planets are now in control of and heavily populated by inhabits of the Chatikrate Empire.

o   Oide d'Olympe.: A freezing world of orange snow and water, famed for its super sturdy, hard and abundant mineral deposits.

o   Phlogeille: A desert planet of yellow sands and deposits of mystical vision inducing gas.

o   Queen Olympe XV also begun a fervent cult of worship focused on herself, her ancestors and descendant that become wildly and fanatically popular throughout the Chatikrate Empire. The royal family ascended beyond the realm of mortal beings and are now recognised as holy beings throughout the Chatikrate Empire.

o   The Cult of Olympe was so vigorous that it spread beyond the borders of the Chatikrate Empire – churches and communities of followers spreading to both The Fraterni Renunti Clan (@wrongtube) and the Jamaexina Clan (@xaosseed)! 


·       From the oceans of Bilaltam Ya came great pink coral towers. Over the decamillennium the coral towers connected and grew, an entire planet covering city of coral that covered the ocean of the city! This was the product of Jamaexina (@xaosseed) experimentation with coral growth and engineering. Unfortunately, as was the experimentation’s original goal, the corals never left the atmosphere of the planet. The grand designs of the clan, to fill the universe with organ space structures, never came to fruition. Great advancements were made in coral engineering though and perhaps at some point in the future the great polyp structure will enter the stars…

o   The Great Shumxaerin, leader of the Bilaltam Ya during this time, bothered the rest of the universe with its endless visits and bloviating on the superiority of Bilaltam Ya culture, art and architecture. Unfortunately, these visits had the opposite of the intended effect – the swirling, spikey, polyp and coral aesthetic vision of the Ya was considered an utter affront to the good taste of the rest of the universe. From this point onwards the Bilaltam Ya were sneered at for their foul taste!    


·       House von Sacher Sariyah (@fjav) worked closely with the Bilaltam Ya (@xaosseed) over the decamillennium  - focusing on growing coral structures and vehicles that were capable of operating within the vacuum of space. Unfortunately, as was the case for the Bilatam Ya – neo coral is not yet capable of supporting an atmosphere within the void! Though the neo-coral project was not a total success, the enormous krakens of Aiza-Zwe were tamed and bred by House von Sacher Sariyah – their society forming a close bond with the fearsome creatures.

o   Not seen by any one outside the clan for 900 years, it is rumoured that Grand Duchess Lail has managed to somehow escape the clutches of mortality. Her presence is still felt and known and communicated with outside of the clan – just no one outside of von Sacher Sariyah has laid eyes upon her actual fleshly form…


·       From its holy home world of Maqead Regum the clan of Qalb Occulta (@symbolic city) attempted to spread its teachings throughout the totality of the universe! While successfully in spreading – the cult of Qalb Occulta was not received warmly by the masses of the universe. 

o   The cult was largely shunned by those outside of the Qalb Occulta, or not living on Maqead Regum. A strange, exotic and frivolous church at odds with the practicalities of reality!

o   Regardless, small cultic centres were set up throughout most of the inhabited planets of the universe – though most that frequented these were lostlings, dreamers and outcasts who were most interested in the hallucinogenic gases the acolytes of the Qalb Occulta provide to those who attended their ceremonies…



·       Henshin Labs (@SageDaMage) created three Elysium class planets through a process of colonisation and terraforming. These Elysium planets are utter paradises for those that visit them – undeniable magnets for interstellar travellers of all budgets. Henshin Labs seems to have decided on settling and terraforming planets very close to the large population planets of other corporations – luring their citizens to the Elysium planets to spend their hard earned credits there (and making Henshin labs one of the most material wealthy corporations in the universe) 

o   SH1: A world of luxuriantly warm and dry deserts – alluringly exotic to the members of The Tranchierqlim (@jimble) on nearby Ozesitala.

o   SH2: A world of enveloping, meditative forests and clean air – alluringly calming to the members of Naurey Corporation on Monteer Apisri Invict (@Altchester).

o   SH3: A world of icey mountains – alluringly exciting and adventure filled to the members of APEX solutions of Meridian.



·       The Keepers of Magellan Clan (@jim Parkin) devoted their deca millennium to the mining, production, and distribution of the life extending drug, “The Spice of Magel”. The spice’s life extending properties were too valuable for the universe to ignore! The use of the Spice Magel became near ubiquitous, making the Keepers of Magellan one of the wealthiest organisations in the universe! 



·       Where The Keepers of Magellan Clan shared their special spice with the universe, the Yishpugnae Clan (@finnice) kept their holy compound for their use only! The Vapour of Zhulorum became vital to the rituals and rites of the Yishpugnae Clan. The clan was incredibly secretive regarding the use and effects of the holy vapour – and as such the vision inducing power of the vapour is only known in rumours throughout the universe. What the Yishpugnae Clan saw when they peered beyond the veils of time and space using the vapours is not known….


·       A grim 10’000 years passed for the Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan Corporation (@gendernihilist)! Many, many colony fleets were sent out to the stars – billions of Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan sent out to spread and grow the corporation amongst new planets…but on all planets in which the peaceful Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan arrived their colonists were promptly killed by destructive and dangerous flora and fauna. Lacking weapons with any bite or bark the uncaring universe committed genocide on the Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan. An undeniable sense of sadness, loss and existential dread filled the once bright, peaceful and optimistic corporation… Those that lived on IgboIgbo-KijiKiji mourned all those lost in the great devouring, their tears flooding the many rivers of the planet…


·       The Hermeya Clan (@roshlev) spent 10’000 years in deep discussion on the spiritual, ethical and philosophical importance of terraforming new planets. In particular the topic of which types of planets are the most right to terraform consumed the clan – so much that no actual terraforming took place.

o   The religious importance of terraforming to the The Hermeya Clan held them in place, the doctrinal discussion become a prison that halted in any actual terraforming.

o   The clan is now exquisitely prepared to conduct their holy duty – the doctrinal issues resolved – the perfect planets picked – all that remains is the final holy acts!

o   Though the clan didn’t leave their own planet – they did endless work in the art and science of terraforming, transforming the nearby moons of Silenna. The moons now emit healing energies to the inhabitants of the planet, making the members of the Hermeya Clan an incredibly clean, empowered and healthy people – both spiritually, physically and mentally.


·       The Szarstern Union (@gran) devoted itself, at considerable cost, to a most awe inspiring project, the use of rocketry to move entire planets free of their ancient gravitational orbits and to float free amongst the stars! The corporation had a decamillennium of success in this endeavour! Mastering the movements of planets within their home solar system! Planetary bodies where now capable of being turned into beyond enormous, slow-moving ships of the stars!

o   Though an amazing accomplishment, the project has left the Szarstern Union drained of material wealth and resources! Countless researchers were driven to an early death from the sheer computational power required by the project – an atmosphere of exhausted revelry has permeated the organisation! 

o   The glorious gems Heinmani have all been mined from the planet! Traded for wealth to fund the planetary rocketry project! The Gems of Heinmani have spread across the entire universe!


·       The Zhàngtùs Biolōxué Clan (@Trent B) had great success in spreading themselves amongst the stars! A grand total of five planets were settled and populated by the clan!

o   SZ1: A planet of white fogged moors with diamonds laced throughout its ancient soil!

o   SZ2: A planet of pink watered swamps, interrupted only by red mountains filled with deposits of super durable minerals! 

o   SZ3: A swamp planet of blue leafed foliage, its waters having healing powers!

o   SZ4: A planet of orange moors, dotted with rare trees that flower with fife extending fruits! 

o   SZ5: A planet of soup thick orange swamps, cut with rivers of oil that serve as excellent interstellar fuel!

o   It is not known what wonders the Zhàngtùs Biolōxué Clan would have blessed the universe with if they were left undisturbed as midway through the deca millennium the invading forces arrived from The Arcturus Bloodline! At first their homeworld, then all of the settled planets of the Zhàngtùs Biolōxué felt the crushing metal feet of the Bear Mech’s of the Arcturus Bloodline (@ceaselessCarbine)! The peaceful Zhàngtùs Biolōxué were no match for the war focused clan – and the Zhàngtùs ended their first 10’000 in bondage, controlled by overlords of the The Arcturus Bloodline Clan.



·       Not content to find and settle their own worlds, The Arcturus Bloodline Clan (@ceaselessCarbine) launched a campaign of war against the Zhàngtùs Biolōxué Clan (@Trent B) – claiming first their home world then their colony planets. The Bloodline clan employed massive, thick armoured four legged bear tank mechs, easily overwhelming the peaceful Zhàngtùs Biolōxué forces!

o   The Arcturus Bloodline Clan now has dominion over their homeworld of Kharkiv as well as all of the Zhàngtùs Biolōxué Clan’s planets and people (Shēngluócūs, SZ1, SZ2, SZ3, SZ4 and SZ5).

o   Emperor Maisarch I piloted his God Bear Class Mecha tank in several decisive battles – leading his clan from the frontline to glorious victory!

o   The Arcturus Bloodline non mechanised troopers were well equipped with an abundance of weaponry supplied directly by APEX solutions (@Revenant's Quill). These would mop up any defences after the bear mechs had already ravaged targets in their initial charges.

o   Adding even more to the overwhelming force of the Arcturus Bloodline over the Zhàngtùs Biolōxué was the employment of Alburtuqaliu Fylí Clan Marine mercenaries (@zeruhur) ! Established by their War King leader at the beginning of the deca millenium, the mercenaries were eager to prove themselves to the universe as a blood thirsty and decisive elite Corp of troops for hire. The Alburtuqaliu Fylí Marine Mercenaries ensure the domination of the Zhàngtùs Biolōxué was complete and utter!


·       The Alburtuqaliu Fylí Clan (@zeruhur) had a very productive ten thousand years! Employing the productive capabilities of their homeworlds island, and the ferocious fertility of their population – they filled the universe with workers and food!

o   Mushajara Foods is exported across the entire universe, the most eaten meals and ingredients in human history! Juzur workers also fill the empty job position across the universe – sending a part of their pay cheque straight back to the Alburtuqaliu Fylí Clan. These two things alone after 10’000 years made the Alburtuqaliu Fylí Clan the richest in the entire universe! Simple, wholesome and hardworking products and services! You can always trust and rely on the bounty of Juzur Mushajara!

o   Somewhat less wholesome are  the military exports of the Alburtuqaliu Fylí. Instituted and led by the War King (a ceremonial role that continues to this day). The Marine Mercenaries of the clan took place in the campaign known as the “Slaughter of the Biolōxué” – where they were employed by the Arcturus Bloodline Clan (@ceaselessCarbine) in their war against the Zhàngtùs Biolōxué (@Trent B). Regardless of the ethics or morals of this campaigns, the mercenaries added to the coffers of the Alburtuqaliu Fylí Clan ensuring they became the richest in the universe!


·       The Cavalerie Centuriate Clan (@middlecyclone) are responsible for establishing the basic moral codes of the post-earth universe! Through an extensive interstellar communication network the clan instituted a set of ethics and morals know as neo-chivalry. Vaguely resembling the chivalry of old earth’s past, this culture appreciated bravery, honour and the aesthetics of the transcendent!

o   Beaumont Zenith, a leader of the clan during this time, penned many of the epic poems that form the foundation of the culture’s canon. Copies of his data scrolls are to be found on the shelves of any individual with even an atom of importance of taste. Zenith poetry always favoured the triumph of the individual over their baser urgers in service to their family and peers!

o   Data devices across the entire universes are tuned to receive recitals of the epic poems of the Cavalerie Centuriate!

o   The primacy of neo-chivalry is somewhat responsible for the general disgust the citizens of the universe have for the Bilaltam Ya (@xaosseed) “Polyp-core” aesthetic.

o   Neo-chivalry is yet to fully parse out an interpretation of the “Slaughter of the Biolōxué” campaign – but the clan’s poets and thinkers have battled over the fertile ground of that bloodshed almost as much as the participants of the campaign itself! 


  1. So far it's only been one turn, but I've had so much fun! Lots of cool things and interesting developments happened in the last 10,000 years.

    1. Good to hear! I feel like there is a lot more for the players to work with now on the second turn! Everyone has a better idea of what the other players are up to.

  2. The real dynamic in any post earth world would be the relationship between humans and non-humans (genetically engineered and otherwise) as well as between humans and robots and let me tell you, the robots would probably lord it over us in general.

  3. I envy your ability to run this kind of game, goodness gracious. This is fascinating.

    1. Just wait for turn 2! Glad you found the write up interesting.