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Empyrean Dynasty Game 1, Turn 2, Another 10'000 years of Post Earth History!

The second turn of my 23 players grand sci fi strategy game Empyrean Dynasty is done! Here is the turn report for interest and posterity! 

Go check out the previous posts or the PDF if you are interested in more Empyrean Dynasty! 

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Turn 2, 10'000 - 20'000 PE: 

And so 10’000 years pass in the universe! This is a record of what happened during that time!


  • Deprived of the once rich, now depleted, fuel deposit clouds of their home planet Gerasene, The Legion corporation (@Joshinken) turned their focus to other alternative sources of energy. Harnessing the power of their home system’s sun, the organization engineered, built, launched and put into operation the “Legion Swarm” - an enormous fleet of solar energy conductors swirling directly around their star! The corporation now had access to near endless, super concentrated, solar power. 
    • Not content with the previous deca millennium’s colonization efforts, a Grand President of the corporation launched another attempt at populating the stars - now with the power of the Legion Swarm! Again the corporation spread to nearby solar systems, establishing successful colonies that flourished into full planetary occupation! This time, six new planets were settled! 
    • LG3: A world of thick, pink tree’d forests -  blessed with super durable black ore. 
    • LG4: A world of towering and awe inspiring yellow quartz mountains. 
    • LG5: A pleasant world of green plains and blue rivers - blessed with docile, mammalian beasts of burden. 
    • LG6: A red gas giant! 
    • LG7: An imposing world of perfectly flat glass plains! The world vibrates with enlightening energy! 
    • LG8: A world of misty moors! The world’s red moon beams healing energy in the evenings!  
  • The armies and battle fleets of the Sigmaites Clan (@Scarius ) were sent across the stars to support and protect the peoples and planets of both the Jamaexina Clan (@xaosseed) and House von Sacher Sariyah (@fjav). 
    • During these 10’000 the three clans became intertwined with one another - through their military aid, engineering works and shared devotion to the Cult of Olympe, Mother of the Universe (@arkbrik) - as well as shared dependency on the glorious Spice of Magel which became vital to the worship of Olympe during this time (@jim Parkin).
    • The spiked metal epaulette’s of the Sigmaite clan were replaced with organic and armouring spiked coral shoulder pads at this time. The hard coral would grow over the shoulders and back of the Sigmaite warriors, eventually covering their heads - then their entire bodies - after years of military service (The organic coral armour was benign and did not interfere with the wearer’s biological processes and could be removed easily when desired). 
    • Grand Warrior Priestess Arianna developed the “Coral Scythe” during this deca millennium. A concealed weapon of tiny living coral colonies within the wielder’s body. The colonies could shoot tiny, poisonous coral darts from the finger of the wielder that would kill a target in moments. Both the warriors of the Sigmaites and the clergy of the Cult of Olympe (@arkbrik) employed this deadly, stealthy, near undetectable, weapon. 
    • During this time the people of the Sigmaites Clan became slavishly devoted to the Cult of Olympe, Mother of the Universe (@arkbrik)!

  • And so, the great coral cathedrals of Bilaltam Ya left that planet and floated into the heavens! Invigorated by their worship of Olympe, mother of the universe, the Jamaexina Clan (@xaosseed) completed the grand and glorious “Neo-Coral” project. Alongside House von Sacher Sariyah (@fjav) the two clans created the first ever living, organic, purely biological space structures and ships! The first structures sent into space were, of course, those grand living cathedrals of Olympe! The cult of Olympe (@arkbik) had become all consuming to those Neo-Coral focused clans! (As had widespread use of the Spice of Magel (@jim Parkin).
    • The Jamaexina Clan abandoned their crude and chaotic aesthetic of Polyp-Core at this time, and led the way in the design movement known as “Organic Gothic” - the intricacies of the ancient gothic style recreated in infinitely more detail through the form of living coral structures! A grand accompaniment to the aesthetics of Neo-Chivalry!   
    • Freed of the confines of a planet the fleet of Jamaexinian coral cathedrals, devoted to Olympe, mother of the universe, traveled across space! One Jamaxinian religious leader - their name now lost to history - put this  proselytizing mission into action, hoping to see the love and worship of Olympe be spread across the entire universe. By the end of the deca millennium their dream was realized, the Cult of Olympe the most widespread religion in the stars - most planets having at least one organic gothic neo-coral church or cathedral 

·        Working alongside the Jamaexina Clan on the successful Neo-Coral project, House von Sacher Sariyah (@fjav) took the technology and made fleets of enormous, living, coral spaceships!  These were some of the finest, fastest, most well armed ships the universe had ever seen - all in the immensely ornate and impressive Organic Gothic style. 

o   Though less devout than their partners the Jamaexina clan (@xaosseed), the cult of Olympe (@arkbik) was prevalent in the House, dominant and responsible for the house’s ideological orthodoxy (Alongside extensive use of the Spice of Magel [@jim Parkin]). 

o   Many ships in the Neo-Coral, or Bahamut, fleet included ocean sized bodies of water within them.  Enormous tanks for colonies of krakens of Aiza-Zwe - the most important non-human creatures in House von Sacher Sariyah society. 

o   The flagship of the Bahamut fleet, “The Lail”, had the biggest and grandest of these tanks. The Lail and several smaller neo-coral ships were sent out on a grand colonizing mission for the House, along with terraforming refugees from the Arcturan Zhivos (@trent B). Unfortunately tragedy befell this fleet, a rogue storm of asteroids smashed through the ships, destroying them! The cracked and riven hulls of the neo-coral ships released a moon sized amount of salty water into the void of space! This water formed into a sphere of dark water known as “The Space Sea of Lail”. Although the anomaly still exists in the void, there was no survivors from the colony fleet. 

o   The “Tragedy of the Lail” had a rather extraordinary effect on the people of House von Sacher Sariyah. A deep sadness, and sense of mourning overcame the people, more so than would be expected from the loss of a simple colony fleet. Historians ever since have debated about what may have been aboard The Lail to cause such sadness in the people of the House - but that is the realm of conjecture and it will not be reported on here.

  • The Keepers of Magellan (@jim Parkin) continued their universal narcotic spice monopoly for another 10’000 years! Humans (and other sentient users of the spice) now live up to an additional 200 years (as long as their supply of Magel is continued)! The Keepers, perhaps somewhat insidiously, coupled the rites of the Church of Olympe with the use of the narcotic spice of Magel. The Keepers, along with the Jamaexina clan (@xaosseed),  House von Sacher Sariyah (@fjav)  and The Chatikrate dynasty (@arkbrik)  now all being key stakeholders in the worship of Olympe, mother of the universe. The ruling bishops of the church are generally all co-members of one of those four organisations. 
    • The Sigmaites (@Scarius) also play a heavy role in the Church of Olympe - but generally in the sect’s security arm - more so than upper management. 
    • Withdrawal from the spice beyond the normal 100’ish years of human life is generally deadly within a week or two! Don’t run out! 
    • Outside of the use of the spice in religious rites, general day to day use is widespread throughout the universe!
    • The Keepers of Magellan also generously hosted a large contingent of Biolōxué Refugees on Magel (@trent B). This small colony thrived over the deca millennium - become a full blown Biolōxué city! How kind and glorious! It was always noted that the planet felt much…damper, since the arrival of the Biolōxué 
    • The sands of Magel wettened during this deca millennium - the entire planet now become all swamp!  

  • Their planets, population and religion strong, the people of the The Chatikrate Dynasty (@arkbrik) spent the deca millennium strengthening further and preparing to protect all theirs that is good! The holy crystalline army of Olympe was formed at this time! Encased in suits of ornate (organic gothic) glittering crystal armor, the knights of Olympe the perfect illustration of Neo-Chilvary! 
    • The crystal armour of the knights of Olympe was not just for show - made of an alloy of several materials it is the most protective battle armour in the universe! 
    • The knights of Olympe were, of course, associated with the Church of Olympe, mother of the universe, but most often in a ceremonial role. The active security of the sect was almost always handled by the Sigmaites Clan (@Scarius ) and their stealthy coral warriors. 
    • Worship of Olympe, and use of the Spice of Magel, was widespread throughout the peoples of the Chatikrate Dynasty - but they tended to have a more aloof and dry relationship with their deity (not as fervent and zealous as some of her more recent converts).

  • Still somewhat wealthy from the last deca millennium’s weapons trade (the market faltering some what over the last 10’000 years due to a shrinking amount of conflict), the APEX Solutions corporation (@Revenant's Quill) focused on colonizing new planets (to create new markets and find new resources!). This was a success! Three new planets were found, colonized and then populated into planet wide settlements!  
    • Though weapon production and export continue for APEX Solutions, their products have now become somewhat redundant. The universe has become a (nearly totally, but not utterly) peaceful place - no needs for weapons! Especially not ones as old fashioned as APEX’s small arms! 
    • The planets now under the control of and populated by APEX solutions are: 
    • MA1: A world of dark green forests, a super hard yellow ore found in abundance just beneath the surface of the soil. 
    • MA2: A planet of calm moors, populated by enormously strong orange beasts, reminiscent of giant rhinoceros! 
    • MA3: A planet of rolling green hills, with mountain sized deposits of pink crystal! 

·                 The Tranchierqlim were unseen for another 10’000 years (@jimble). It was assumed that the foamy, pink seas of their home world Ozesitala had consumed them all… 

·        On their pristine world (a world popular amongst the universe’s tourists for its cleanliness and freshness) the scientists of The Fraterni Renunti (@wrongtube) moved their focus from clean fuel and energy - to that of clean, vegetative architecture! Through an elaborate breeding and genetic manipulation program, after 10’000 years, the The Fraterni Renunti Clan developed the universe's first seed grown architecture! Homes, buildings, entire blocks of structures, could be implanted into tiny seeds that would grow and unfold with just simple water, soil and sunlight in a matter of days! 

o   The, near magical, grown, city super structures also continually produced food and hydrating liquid for their residents. The structures could easily be changed and re-shaped as required, or with the injection of a totally safe and organic compound wither down into super rich fertilizer for the next structure.

o   A pragmatic people, the The Fraterni Renunti, under the guidance of Autarch Subphilomon took the most mystically appealing components of the Qalb Occulta (@symbolic city) and Queen Olympe (@arkbrik) and formed them into one cohesive religion; The Qalympiate! While, objectively, the best source of spiritual guidance in the universe - the faith did attract many adherents beyond the planet   Ognos. The people of The Fraterni Renunti did keep themselves philosophically clean of outside religious influence with the adoption of their own personal cult, so the religious program was not a failure for the clan. 

o    The Fraterni Renunti hosted a contingent of Biolōxué Refugees on Ognos (@trent B). The colony was not a great success though (due to climatic and cultural conditions of the planet), and the Biolōxué population withered and eventually collapsed within several thousand years. The Qalympiate held a grand ceremony for the passing of the Biolōxué on Ognos but some of the more xenopbic groups within the clan welcomed their disappearance from the planet. 

o   Enormous shipments of Renu Milk, the super fuel, were sent from Ognos to several external organizations - greatly helping those groups with their own plans and projects!


·        The wide spread, but largely shun Cult of Qalb Occulta (@symbolic city) remained ubiquitous but ignored by the peoples of the universe at large - its rituals and beliefs remaining too obscure and esoteric for the masses! 

o   Although there was no wide-spread adoption of the cult in 10’000 years, the temples throughout the universe remained. These temples were still unassuming and small but grew in subtle opulence over the deca millennium! The symbols and signs of the cult were shunned by the greater public - but some individuals of note (some particularly powerful and wealthy) were slanderously accused of taking part in secret Qalb Occulta rituals. 

o   The general ambivalence to the Qalb Occulta continued when late in the Deca Millennium their homeworld, Maqead Regum, was invaded by the insectile men of The Liliang Entomo Clan (@papyrus1) ! A most horrific and genocidal invasion took place - the ant men of the Liliang Entomo not content with the simple occupation of Maqead Regum spent 100 years killing every single last human inhabitant of the planet! The peaceful cultists of the Qalb Occulta were in no way equipped with withstanding the invasion! Their homeworld was lost and the rest of the universe did not respond! 

o   The cult of Qalb Occulta continued though, diffused as it was throughout the universe, now just deprived of the resources and population of its home planet!


·        At the beginning of the Deca Melliumum Grand Leader of The Liliang Entomo Clan (@papyrus1  ), Dolofonia Loudong warped her enslaved people into fearless melee warriors! The many armed, chitin skinned, alcohol blooded, super strong insectile peoples of the Liliang Entomo would happily die to carry out an order of any one of the Loudong bloodline! The Liliang Entomo battalions trained and fought as one single organism of many parts! Without fear and able to traverse any terrain - and not require any specialized equipment beyond their own insectile bodies! As long as the  Liliang Entomo had room to grow and breed - they would have limitless warriors for the armies, all at the unquestioned command of those of the Loudong bloodline! 

o   And so, several thousands of years later when the training and indoctrination and breeding of Dolofonia Loudong was complete, The Liliang Entomo Clan under the leadership of a new Loudong traveled to the world of Maqead Regum (@symbolic city  ) and swiftly crushed and killed the cultists and civilian populations there! All humans were, over 100 years, cleansed from the planet - as was their infrastructure - to make room for more Liliang Entomo breeding warrens! The march of the many limbed Liliang Entomo had begun! 


·        The secretive Yishpugnae Clan (@finnice) slowly and carefully spread out amongst the stars. Breathing in deep heavy fumes of the Vapour of Zhulorum the clan slowly, slowly and carefully planned the colonization of planets. Successfully colonizing and fully populating two unique and valuable worlds: 

o   ZY1: A world of towering pink mountains wreathed in clouds, immensely rich in both a variety of metallic ores and particular minerals that are incredibly useful in the production of electronics. 

o   ZY2: A world of white milky oceans, dotted with islands of pale pink quartz. The crystal - available in an overwhelming abundance - is perfect creating super powerful computing processors.

  • The grim and reclusive Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan Corporation (@gendernihilist), not deterred by their previous 10’000 years of sadness plodded into the stars - willing to withstand even more death and sadness in their pursuit of new planets. 
    • Their grand leader at the beginning of the deca millennium, Onírẹlẹwosan, gave her people the gift of the “Halo of Tears” a wreath of tubing worn around the head, crowning the black full body wrappings worn by the corporations members. When threatened the Halo of Tears released a cloud of gas that induced instant sleep in those not wearing the body coverings of the Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan. This allowed the corporation’s members to gently move now sleeping, would be attackers away from their persons - rather than being killed. 
    • Some Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan still lost their lives even with the Halo of Tears’s protection as they would prostrate themselves before to the sleeping beasts, offering them so many prayers and benedictions that the gas would wear off, the beast awaken - and rip the praying corporation member to bloody parts. 
    • Regardless, three new planets were colonised, and then grown into full planetary occupations! 
      • IO1: A world of mountainous purple crystal, fungal growths here produce invigorating spore dust. The most dangerous creature here being dog sized, spongey beetles! 
      • IO2: A world of indigo seas, the kelp forests abundant and rich in protein and calories! The most dangerous creature here being enormous, cow skinned sharks! 
      • IO3: A world of purple jungles gifted with super rich soil. The most dangerous creature here being fanged, scaled gorillas! 
      • Over the deca millennium Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan analysed the dangerous creatures of their four worlds - calming, training and befriending them (Regardless, death by flora or fauna is still the largest contributor to early mortality for the corporation’s members).
      • There are rumors that the reviled and violent Arcturus Bloodline Clan (@ceaselessCarbine) would cleanse dangerous flora and fauna from a planet before the Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan colony fleets would arrive - enacting bloody orgies of destruction for sport and fun on the helpless wildlife…but these rumors are unsubstantiated, and probably just gossip. 


  • After 10’000 years of doctrinal disputes The Hermeya Clan (@roshlev) exploded out into the stars with a holy mission of human colonization and terraforming! Their homeworld of Silenna was near empty at several points during the deca millennium but populations there and in the five other planets the clan settled were strong by 20’000 PE. Along with the five planets the clan settled and terraformed there was five moons that were terraformed - now hosting sizeable populations of Hermeyans too! 
    • SY1: A black rocked world, filled with ranges of volcano! Famed for its supply of thermal energy! 
    • SY2: A world of rolling purple hills, filled with trundling, cow sized lizards! 
    • SY3: A world of rainbow sands, littered with glorious gems! 
    • SY4: A world of yellow green plains, with towering deposits of pink ore! 
    • SY5: A world of jungle caverns, the high gravity here perfect for producing athletes! 
    • HMoon1: A luscious moon of flowing rivers and green plains!  
    • HMoon2: A verdant moon of green fields! 
    • HMoon3: A purple crystalline moon of impressive crystal cluster structures! 
    • HMoon4: A calm moon of green fields and blue lakes! 
    • Hmoon5: A moon of temperate woods and forests!


·        Beyond endless documenting of the movements of astral bodies, The Szarstern Union (@gran) successfully completed the most audacious of projects! The movement of three planets from their home systems, across the universe, to the home system of The Szarstern Union! Special “planetary sheaths” were developed that clad around the moving planets as they hurtled through the void! These sheaths provided artificial sunlight and climatic conditions that emulated the planet’s natural state! Warp drives could not be employed, so the most powerful of rockets (already developed by The Szarstern Union), powered by Renu milk (@wrongtube)  slowly pushed the planets through space over the 10’000 years of the deca millennium! 

o   The planets SH2, Caval, Heidong and Monteer Apisiri Invic of The Cavalerie Centuriate, The Zhandou Albayanat, Henshin Labs and The Naurey were all successfully transported (@middlecyclone , @NondairyGiant , @Altchester, @sageDaMage  )! Now all homeworlds in a single system, known as the "S.T.A.R.F CLUSTER" by the Szarstern Union, the three organizations could very easily and cheaply (without the need for intergalactic travel) trade or work together on future projects! 

o   All three homeworlds were unaffected by the transportation process! Life continued as before on those worlds, as if nothing ever happened! What a wonder! 

o   Although their homeworld was not moved, a colony of Biolōxué refugees  (@Trent B) were settled on Heinmani! The colony thrived in the swampy climates of the planet and grew into a city of Biolōxué by the end of the deca millennium!

  • Monteer Apisri Invict, the homeworld of The Naurey Corporation (@Altchester) became, after 20’000 of its people focusing on leisurely pursuits, THE premier tourist planet of the entire universe! The best, brightest, most famous, most powerful people amongst the stars would wait whole life times just to visit the planet! Tickets to the homeworld would often be inherited by grandchildren, the most prized possessions of family lines waiting centuries for a chance to visit! Once on the soil of the planet, the pleasures waiting for a visitor there were…unmentionable! Words do not do them justice! Once a holiday on    Monteer Apisri Invic is finished most humans experiencing soul crushing depression - their lives never the same after the endless euphoric dopamine soak that a visit to the Naurey homeworld is! 
    • The Naurey, already obscenely rich, became even more so! Masters of pleasure and knowing, exactly, what it is that a sentient person desires! 
    • Being the brightest light in the universe, the most powerful, the most influential, the most entertaining and wonderful, etc, individuals of the universe all petitioned to visit and, if worthy, live on Monteer Apisri Invict! Over the last 10’000 years only the highest, most powerful and brilliant of the universe’s aristocracy were granted the boon of living there alongside the Naurey!

·        After 10’00 years of planetary travel, The Zhandou Albayanat Clan ( @NondairyGiant ) emerged from their planetary sheath….different. The people of the clan now spoke with one voice - literally, all members of delegations sent from the clan spoke in perfect unison. A rather disturbing thing to experience from all reports. Visitors to the clan’s home planet Heidong reported it as being totally uniform, patterned and repetitive. Its bland cave gardens, streets and buildings all perfect symmetrical duplicates of one another. The clan’s people too have become identical in height, uniform and appearance. 

o   The only allowance for non identical buildings, structures and places remains the cave memorial shrines for the lost colony fleets of the last deca millennium. 

o   Regardless of their uniformity the peoples of the Zhandou Albayanat Clan are perfect specimens of humanity - all genetically gifted physically and mentally (if a little boring to have casual discussion with).


  •  A much more peaceful deca millennium passed for the clan now known as The Arcturan Zhivos  (@Trent B). Though vassals of The Arcturus Bloodline (@ceaselessCarbine ), the Zhivos were largely left to their own devices - dwelling in the wild outdoors while their rulers remained in their grand armored fortresses. Vassal and ruler developed a mild and symbiotic relationship over the millennia - the Zhivos optimizing the climate for the Arcturus Bloodline, and the Arcturus providing, somewhat patriarchal, protection for the Zhivos. Though unfortunately, after the heat and passion of the “Slaughter of the Biolōxué” campaign - racist and xenophobic localised genocides of the Arcturan Zhivos by bear mech warriors of The Arcturus Bloodline were not unheard of, nor totally uncommon, during the deca millennium. 
    • Beyond their initial colonization efforts The Arcturan Zhivos were adopted as refugees by several organisations throughout the universe. These colonies grew into heavily populated Zhivos cities by the end of the deca millennium. 
    • Masters of terraforming, any worlds that The Arcturan Zhivos dwelled on was blessed with luscious and enjoyable climates and bountiful organic production. Some historians do comment on the fact all of these worlds felt…damper, after the introduction of The Arcturan Zhivos population. 
    • Regardless of the two organisations relationship on the planets of the Dominion of Arcturus - The Arcturan Zhivos have not yet been allowed to settle on the soil of their master’s homeworld, Kharkiv. 
    • Thanks to the ascendancy of Neo-Chivalry (@middlecyclone) as the dominant culture throughout the universe, the Arcturan Zhivos were painted as heroic and tragic victims of the “Slaughter of the Biolōxué” campaign - the clan was viewed fondly by nearly all sentients of the universe. The virtue of their survival against great adversity and danger, a clear exemplar of neo-chivalry! 
  • To defend their dominion The Arcturus Bloodline Clan (@ceaselessCarbine) spent thousands of years constructing and deploying moon sized space fortresses! The terrifying Locus Castella Ursi! These monumental defensive bases could unleash hordes of troops, mechs and fight spacecraft in mere moments (or barrage targets with weaponry directly from the base)! The scientists of their hapless vassals The Arcturan Zhivos (@Trent B) were put to work, an invaluable asset in, developing the artificial atmosphere for a base of such a size! 
  • One of the bear forts was sent beyond the dominion of Arcturus, deployed menacingly in the home system of the Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan (@gendernihilist) 
    • Unfortunately, 100 years after the deployment of the great bear forts internal conflict ripped apart the great The Arcturus Bloodline! The commander of each fort fancied themselves the true ruler of the clan! A civil war followed! Bear tank fought bear tank! And by the end of the deca millennium each planet, and each bear fortress of The Arcturus Bloodline had its own regional ruler, a Arcturus Warlord - separate and jealous of the other nearby rulers! 
    • The once unified and glorious Arcturus Bloodline Clan had cannibalized itself into a patch work of petty warlords by the end of the deca millennium! The damning view that the rest of the universe had (instilled from thousands of years of neo-chilvaric tales painting them as such  (@middlecyclone) ) of the Bloodline, that they were disgusting and bloodthirsty barbarians, was confirmed! So crass! So vile! So un-heroic! 
    • By 20’000 PE the dominion of Arcturus was plagued by endemic fighting and battle between the various clanlet warlords of the bloodline! A most dangerous sector of the universe! The Arcturan Zhivos (@Trent B) didn’t seem to mind much. 

·                 The Black Room Clan (@Local Cryptid) was disengaged and uninvolved with the major events of the empyrean over the last 10’000 years. Their populations on their home planet and tiny, vestigial colonies, remained small, yet stable. A mundane and disinterested people, with not much for the historians of the day to comment on… 

·                 The best of the universe’s aristocracy traveled to Monteer Apisri Invict (@Altchester) to retire, but when they were young and eager - they traveled to Caval to learn (@middlecyclone)! Generation upon generation of the best and brightest traveled across the universe to be taught the ways of neo-chivalry at the colleges of The Cavalerie Centuriate Clan!  By the end of the deca millennium the thoughts and philosophies of The Cavalerie Centuriate Clan were THE orthodoxy of thought for the overwhelming majority of the universe! Beyond entertainment, beyond moral codes - Neo-Chivalry was the basic architecture of most human’s minds in 20’000 PE!


  • As one of their colony planets was hurtled through the universe in its planetary sheath, en route to join the The Szarstern Union’s home system, the grand leader of Henshin Labs (@SageDaMage) at the start of the deca millennium, Derek Callisto, announced another grand push for colonization  of the stars! Six colonies were established, that then flowered into full planetary occupation for the corporation over the course of the deca millenium! 
    • SH4: A world of white quartz mountains, home to many diamonds! 
    • SH5: A world of misty moors, whose sad purple plains breed people of great vigor and hardiness!  
    • SH6: A world of red jungles, the soil seeping wet with ancient black oil!  
    • SH7: A cavern world, its caves filled to the brim with nutritious red mushrooms! 
    • SH8: A world of volcanic ranges, volcanoes that regularly spew out pink diamonds!  
    • SH9: A world of grassy plains, prowled by vicious and near sentient enormous snakes! 


  • For 10’000 years the scientists of the Alburtuqaliu Fylí Clan (@zeruhur) attempted to artificially synthesize the wondrous crops of Mushajara Foods! But, even with the assistance of an adopted colony of Bioloxue refugees, (@Trent B) the project was not a success! So far the clan has not been unable to replicate the delicate genetics of their tasty and health giving crops! Who knows, a break through could be around the corner in the next 1000 years or so?! 
    • Regardless, the islands of Juzur Mushajara remained ever abundant and productive - the enormous amounts of  food the clan exported to the universe’s markets kept them incredibly wealthy! 
    • An entire island of Juzur Mushajara was gifted to the Zhàngtùs Bioloxue (@Trent B)  refugees after their slaughter by the Arcturus Bloodline! They live there till this day! 

·        For 10’000 years the scientists of the Alburtuqaliu Fylí Clan (@zeruhur) attempted to artificially synthesize the wondrous crops of Mushajara Foods! But, even with the assistance of an adopted colony of Bioloxue refugees, (@Trent B) the project was not a success! So far the clan has not been unable to replicate the delicate genetics of their tasty and health giving crops! Who knows, a break through could be around the corner in the next 1000 years or so?! 

o   Regardless, the islands of Juzur Mushajara remained ever abundant and productive - the enormous amounts of  food the clan exported to the universe’s markets kept them incredibly wealthy! 

o   An entire island of Juzur Mushajara was gifted to the Zhàngtùs Bioloxue (@Trent B)  refugees after their slaughter by the Arcturus Bloodline! They live there till this day! 

o   The Grand Leader Aristeidis el-Harroun of the clan, particularly associated with the Juzur worker’s league, implemented a new belief system into the minds and hearts of the workers of the clan! The Rawaqi Philosophy was one of acceptance and joy in the world as it is! The philosophy spread quickly, becoming a cult, a religion, a way of life - the workers of the universe accepted it gladly into their hearts! Not just the workers of Alburtuqaliu Fylí (which the majority of the universe’s basic laborers) but all those who toiled in lowly and forgotten trades and professions. Over the millennia, as the Rawaqi Philosophy was followed through to its logical conclusions - the productivity of the workers that were part of the belief began to stall, to falter and slow and at sometimes….stop. What joy to just sit and experience the world exactly as it is! Millions of workers ceased to be workers and became Rawaqi Monks. Monasteries sprung up in the workshops and warehouses of the universe! At the end of the deca millennium a real shortage of labour was felt throughout the organisations of space - the lowly jobs and tasks no longer being filled or completed. If it was not for the continual exports of Mushajara Foods the Alburtuqaliu Fylí may well be facing bankruptcy (not to mention food production was slowing because of the Rawaqi movement…

o   At 20’000 PE things were nearing a crisis! Behind the labour shortage loomed an even more terrifying food shortage!


  1. I’m really enjoying these recaps, are there any plans to run another campaign after this one? Would love to get involved.

    1. Good to hear! Yes I think I will be running another one in the future, its been a lot of fun! Probably the best way to be notified is to be on the discord and I will do a recruitment post where I @Everyone.

    2. Rad, I’ll have a look in a bit.