Wednesday, 15 June 2022

NPC/Monster Relationship Webs

 I've added a "Relationship between entities" table to some recent wilderness and dungeon room stockers. I think they are a good way of adding some dynamism to the locations of a game and plan to use them a little more in the future. I tried out generating a bunch of NPCs and Monsters and then prewriting a relationship web for them. It generated a dynamic little town/wilderness eco system in my mind that made the (theoretical) game location a little more real and alive. Some of the rolled relationship table results needed a bit of creative moulding to make them work and make sense - but this was a painless and enjoyable process: 

Here are some buttons you can press to get your own NPC/Monster Relationship Webs!  


  1. Very cool generator. As a DM, I always try to provide some relevant relationship between otherwise random monsters in random dungeons. The goblins are working for the ogre, the green slime and the minotaur are drinking buddies, the dragon encourages the rust monsters to destroy non-magical treasure, etc.

    Unrelated, any word of Sh*t Future?

    1. Yeah, I think that relevant relationship data is really useful for making the world feel alive and...verisimilitudic!

      As to Sh*t Future: A friend and I were in the process of laying it out, but I ran out of steam writing tables for it, so the projects has halted a little over the last year or so. As a sneak peak preview, here's what we have so far:

      Hopefully I get back to it soon! Probably once I'm in the mood to run a new cyberpunk campaign I will dust it all off and finish it up.

    2. It looks awesome and close to done now. Thank you!

    3. Well, you never know - I might trim the amount of tables I want to put into it and release it before the end of the year!