Thursday 23 February 2023

Making more interesting fantasy wargame units with A.I

Following on from this: post, I thought I would try and get Chat GPT to make some more unique faction units. How to generate some faction ideas without actually thinking myself? How about some random magic cards from: ! I'll pull five random cards, mash them together, feed them to Chat GPT and ask for 10 units...

The random magic cards: 

The key words I see are: "Angels, Flying, Zombies, fire swords, punishment, red hair, plate armour, underground seas, caverns, salt, bulls, horns, wings, laughter magic, laughing, hideous, deafening".

So, I asked Chat GPT: 

"Make a list of ten fantasy tabletop wargaming units for the following army: Flying angel zombies who come from beneath the ground. They spawn beneath the salty oceans of underground seas. They often use fire swords and wear heavy plate armour. They often have red hair, or horns. Some of them are bull-like or half bull. They have many different types of wings. They are hideous. Their laughter is deafening and hideous. Their laughter is magical. They are obsessed with punishment.  List strengths, weaknesses, weapons used and a general description for each unit. Ensure each unit is different but is thematically part of the same army/faction." 

And got: 

Seraphic Heralds - These flying angels are the leaders of the army and wield flaming swords. They have powerful magic and can inspire nearby units to fight harder. Their wings are pure white and they wear shimmering plate armor. Strengths: Inspiring presence, magical abilities. Weaknesses: Vulnerable to anti-magic attacks.

Cost: 7 per unit

Abomination Bulls - These bull-like undead are terrifying to behold with their massive size and red, glowing eyes. They charge into battle with their horns and trample enemies beneath their hooves. Strengths: High damage output, durable. Weaknesses: Slow movement speed.

Cost: 4 per unit

Infernal Impalers - These flying undead are armed with long spears and can swoop down on unsuspecting enemies from above. They have red hair and fiery wings, and wear heavy plate armor. Strengths: Quick and agile, good at taking down heavily armored foes. Weaknesses: Vulnerable to ranged attacks.

Cost: 4 per unit

Laughing Maniacs - These undead are disturbing to look at with their twisted, hideous appearances and maniacal laughter. They use fire swords and can ignite enemies with their attacks. Strengths: Fear-inducing, good against lightly armored foes. Weaknesses: Vulnerable to psychological attacks.

Cost: 2 per unit

Punishment Enforcers - These flying angels are heavily armored and carry whips and flails to punish disobedient enemies. They can also heal nearby allies. Strengths: Good at crowd control, can heal allies. Weaknesses: Low damage output.

Cost: 4 per unit

Abyssal Chanters - These undead have bat-like wings and red hair, and use their magical laughter to disorient and confuse enemies. They can also summon additional undead units to the battlefield. Strengths: Powerful magical abilities, can summon reinforcements. Weaknesses: Low physical defense.

Cost: 5 per unit

Saltwater Revenants - These undead have spawned from the salty oceans of the underground seas and are resistant to water-based attacks. They use tridents and can move quickly through water. Strengths: Water resistance, good at amphibious assaults. Weaknesses: Vulnerable to fire attacks.

Cost: 1 per unit

Horned Fiends - These half-bull undead have powerful legs and can charge into battle with devastating force. They use axes and can cause enemies to bleed with their attacks. Strengths: High damage output, good at disrupting enemy formations. Weaknesses: Low defense against ranged attacks.

Cost: 5 per unit

Winged Harbingers - These flying undead have massive, bat-like wings and can unleash a screeching, deafening laughter that can stun enemies. They use scythes and can fly into battle with terrifying speed. Strengths: Quick and agile, good at disrupting enemy formations. Weaknesses: Low defense against ranged attacks.

Cost: 6 per unit

Plate-clad Phantoms - These undead wear heavy plate armor and use maces and shields to crush enemies. They have a ghostly appearance and can phase through walls and obstacles. Strengths: High defense, can move through terrain obstacles. Weaknesses: Low damage output.

Cost: 3 per unit

And then I asked, "Please write a backstory for that army": 

"Long ago, in a world ruled by powerful beings, the angelic order of the Celestial Realm waged a great war against the demons of the Abyss. The conflict lasted for centuries and consumed countless lives, until finally, the angels emerged victorious and banished the demon horde back to the Abyss.

However, the victory came at a great cost. Many of the angels had been corrupted by the Abyssal energies they had been exposed to during the war, and they began to exhibit demonic traits. The Celestial Realm, fearing the consequences of this corruption, banished these fallen angels to the underground seas that lay beneath the surface of their world.

Over time, the fallen angels began to change even further. The salty, Abyssal waters that surrounded them gave them a grotesque appearance and imbued them with new powers. They became hideous, flying creatures, with many different types of wings and the ability to spawn zombie minions from beneath the ground.

The fallen angels were filled with a sense of punishment and retribution, and they sought to make those who had banished them pay for their perceived sins. They were obsessed with using their newfound powers to wreak havoc on the world above, punishing those they saw as enemies and spreading fear and chaos wherever they went.

As time went on, the fallen angels continued to evolve, developing fire swords and heavy plate armor to augment their strength and defenses. Some even began to take on bull-like or half-bull forms, with red hair or horns sprouting from their grotesque bodies.

The laughter of these fallen angels had a deafening, hideous quality to it, and it was imbued with magical power. It could drive enemies mad or make them freeze in fear, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Now, the army of the flying angel zombies from beneath the ground roams the world, seeking to punish those who would stand in their way and spreading chaos and destruction wherever they go. Their twisted bodies and unholy powers make them a terrifying foe, and their enemies tremble at the thought of facing them in battle." 

Not so bad!

Pretty quick method for putting together a fantasy army! Now I just need another army and two players! 


  1. I'm willing to be one of those players...!

    1. I messaged you on Discord (I think). I quickly put together another army this afternoon. Just need another player now!

    2. Sorry, can't find it. Haven't learned my way around Discord, unfortunately. You can email me at jburdoo2000(at)yahoo(dot)com.