Monday 13 March 2023

Some Freeform Domain Play Guidelines/Structure

It's time to play another grand freeform strategy (?) game with my friends on facebook! This time with even less rules and more free form than last time! 

Here's what we are doing: 

Before character creation the referee may like to outline a general idea of the setting, but that is not necessary. 

Character creation. Players provide: 

  • Name
  • Class 
  • 2  x strengths (things they are very good at) 
  • Why are they important? 
  • Appearance 
  • Where are they? 

Take all the characters and mix them up. You now have an implied setting. Perhaps jot down some key notes about this setting. 

Now turns begin. Each turn is a certain amount of time in length (a day, a decade, a year, etc). 

Each turn each player (via their character) can complete a set number of actions appropriate for the time length of the turn. The scope of these actions is also dependant on the length of the turn. 

Some turn lengths and their suggested number of actions: 

  • 10 years: 3 
  • 1 year: 2  
  • 1 month: 1 
  • 1 day: 1 

Assume players are generally successful in their actions, or at least partially successful. Assume their characters are competent and powerful. If two or more players’ actions come into opposition with one another the players may need to provide specific arguments as to why they are successful. The referee will need to untangle these and work out what happens! 

Once the referee has all of the actions for a turn, they take them, and work out what happens! Public updates outlining the big events of the setting are provided, alongside private updates to specific players if required. 

Each turn, each player gets an update to their character, including: 

  • Any new strengths they have 
  • What kind of resources to they have access to 
  • Their current location 
  • (If needed) Any looming dangers. 

Suggested turn structure: 

2 x 10 year turns 

2 x 1 year turns 

2 x 1 month turns 

2 x 1 day turns (+more if needed/desired)  


The game has already begun with a suggested setting of "sci fi", and we have the following characters: 

  • A planet devouring biomass
  • A bird elf wizard 
  • A management consultant 
  • A war veteran 
  • An alien mutant thug 
Should be fun! 

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