Monday, 11 March 2019

Mapping Infinigrad: Suburb Map Generator.

I've been using my random dungeon visual generator to create suburb maps for a while now (details here: I decided to update this and create a specific suburb map generator.

It's a two table system, one for roads, one for buildings.

Table 1: Roads. 

Connect the pieces you get as you see fit. Add your own artistic flourishes. Generate the road grind of the suburb.

Table 2: Buildings. 

Fill in the blocks you created with the road table with buildings. The doors are a suggestion only, buildings could have more doors/doors on different walls. Combine separate buildings into bigger buildings for high density areas.

You should get something like this:

Stock any suburbs you generate with this table:


  1. Ah excellent - I generated a very wierd district using just tge building tables and trying to fit things together, the result was a series of courtyards, which sort of worked.

    Great stuff, shall test directly!

    1. Nice to hear. Share your results!

    2. It works! Nice job, I will whack this down somewhere in Infinigrad haha. I really dig the mapping.