Thursday, 6 August 2020

d6 Monsters from The Ordure Realms

Here are d6 example monsters from a game I should be putting out very shortly. It's essentially the fantasy version of Shit Future. Enjoy!

D6 Example Ordure Fantasy Monsters:
  1. Taskmaster Vombix, 4 Health: A creeping lithe mass of black slime, ridged with spines of emerald bone. A featureless feline shaped head opens with endless razor teeth, dripping green ooze laced with stupefying parasites. Test Mind if bitten to avoid compulsively digging in the dirt next turn . Any sentient being failing three of these tests becomes a thrall to the Vombix, mindlessly digging its tunnels and warrens until either dies. 
  2. Nursing Acid Wing, 12 Health: Reptilian headed, ruby feathered bird. Large enough to grasp a man in one scaled talon. Accompanied by d6 hatchings. Will scrabbledig a man sized hole and attempt to sieze target with talon (Body test to avoid) and hold them in it. She will then vomit torrents of white sizzling acid onto the hole-held target. Target takes 1 Health damage each turn in hole, requires Hard Body test to escape. Hatchings will eagerly sup soup from hole.
  3. Stone Hydra, Health 4: An anaconda of granite terminating in a meat hungry maw of several wide opening flaps. The hydras pink, splaying mouth is surrounded by a crown of grasping stone tentacles. The Stone Hydras flesh makes all mundane weapon attacks against it Hard.  
  4. Pig Bird, Health 2: A pink grub on bat wings. A long  bone needle beak is directed by oozing compound eyes to swoop and peirce targets. Pig Birds droolroost in the shadows, often surprising passerbys. They are known to pilfer for particularly valuable small items which they fly off to their greasy nests with. 
  5. Bleeding Tooth Men, Health 3: Pale mushroom men, balls of red syrupy fungus juice leaking from the large pores of their capheads. Bleeding Tooth Men will rub their white little fists in their poisonous fungus juice before punching their enemies. Targets must test Body to avoid being poisoned for d6 turns, taking 1 Health damage each Turn. Any meaty being killed by Bleeding Tooth poison will be decomposed by angry red mushrooms and eventually give birth to a whole family of fresh Bleeding Tooth Men. 
  6. Warpface Giant, Health 6: Fat, naked, malformed, features roaming and melting over their warped visage and torso. The giant has the shimmering, colour changing flesh of a cuttlefish, allowing it to hide with ease (Hard Mind test to spot). The giant is accompanied by d6 dwarf pigmen, spiteful mindless jigging and dancing things. The dwarfs will play with passerbys, while the giant watches unseen in the distance. Eventually the dwarfs will bore and attempt to eat their new playmates. The protective Warpface Giant will roar and attack any who harm his piggy brethren. 
The Ordure Realms

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