Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Hallowed Device Generator

The wild and lost places of the Iron Rib Peninsula are laced with the wondrous, terrible technologies left behind by ancient celestial nobility. These eon abandoned treasures are known commonly as Hallowed Devices.

The Hallowed Device is:
  1. Six tiny blackmetal cylinders connected by tangles of waxy tubing - handling overwhelms with nausea. Test Body to not regurgitate stomach (Test regularly if transporting). 
  2. Arm length clear tube, whirring with internal cogs which are vaguely bodily organ in appearance - impossibly heavy. Hard Body Test to lift (Test regularly if transporting). 
  3. Green, skull-sized, enamel bauble. Shaped like the head of a cauliflower. Sometimes glows - Test Luck if touched, if success device heals 1 Health of touchee. 
  4. Two hoops of smooth silver, fused together. Slowly rotating as if molten - Test Luck when first handling the device, if successful Silver pieces on person doubles. 
  5. Jagged crystalline fist of raw iron - very slowly increases in size and weight, requiring increasingly Hard Body tests to continue to carry. 
  6. Flat, dinner plate sized, sheet of bronze, protruding several dim gems connected by golden wiring - Test Luck when handling to avoid a spark of crackling energy striking out from the device, Test Body if struck to avoid losing 1 Health.
  1. Three pyramids of quartz that automatically triangulate a stinking, burning, purple beam at any who accost the holder of device. 
  2. Six tiny rainbow orbs swimming about the device. These orbs can be placed anywhere in the realm and the holder of the device will know where the placed orbs are. 
  3. Concentric rings of quartz spiralling from the device. A shimmering mirage of anything the holder of the device can see may be summoned. 
  4. A flat, pink triangle hovering above the device. The holder can direct waves of relaxation and pleasure towards any one they can see. 
  5. A black, handheld, sphere. Device floats nearby to this (transferring its weight to the sphere). If attacked while holding the sphere a skin of oily black goo is wrapped around body, absorbing d6 Health of damage. Goo dissipates if sphere dropped. 
  6. Several hives of bulbous whitesphere growths. The holder of the device never becomes tired (physically or mentally) nor needs sleep (but may die suddenly from unrealised exhaustion). 
  1. Budding with tiny rippling miniatures of device. Roll a Hard Luck Test when first held for first time by an individual, if successful the device creates a copy of itself.  
  2. Lined with iridescence grey strips. Device is only operable in sunlight.
  3. A wriggling worm needle that implants into holder’s flesh. Test Body when operating device to avoid internal damage.
  4. Six bulging ripples, symmetrically arranged along device. When ignored will sprout beetle legs and wander off to complete whatever job given eons ago. 
  5. A red, spherical, crystal swimming with hundreds of black orbs that angrily focus on all nearby the device. Device emits a searing red tinynova when operated, Test Body of all near the devices to avoid plasmic burning. 
  6. Wrapped in dusty moth wings that vivify into glorious psychedelic butterfly wings in the moonlight. Device is only operable at nightime.