Monday, 31 August 2020

The Dimglitter Plain, Weird Outcrop Generator

(Written for Ordure Fantasy)

The Dimglitter Plain: 

A grim, dusty plain of brown grasses and yellow sand. Eruptions of complicated rock formations break up the otherwise featureless expanse. The rock copses are ever warping and mutating, drawing curious travelers to study them. The corruptive nature of the outcrops means they are often littered with sandy remains.

The Fey Outcrop is:

  1. Clumped, hulking, crude monoliths of glowing white quartz.
  2. Man sized crystal clusters of clear glass, shimmering with an iridescent sheen.
  3. Boulders, cracked like eggs and oozing hives of rainbow crystals. 
  4. Toppled shelves of milky, shining marble, surrounded by white, smooth pebbles.
  5. Cloud of fist sized green mica, hovering soupily above the ground. 
  6. An enormous building sized red sandstone, half of which has crumbled to dust - coating the nearby ground.

Made baneful by: 

  1. An infestation of ghostly green snakes of mist. If one of these acid spirits haunts a being, their stomach constantly sizzles in pain and they cannot be healed until spirit is banished or leaves host in d6 days. 
  2. A palpable emanation of dread, an invisible black sludge in the atmosphere. Test Luck when entering to avoid a black doomflame appearing above skull. A being with a doomflame fails their next Test (causing doomflame to dissipate).
  3. An itchy heat that emanates from the outcrop. Test Body to avoid skin sizzling, burning and peeling - losing 1 Health. 
  4. A voluminous white mist, slow tendrils reaching out then twisting in on themselves to rejoin the mass. Any being entering the mist must pass a Hard Mind Test to leave, referees are encouraged to make numerous random encounter checks if PCS are stuck within. 
  5. Veins of the outcrops stone fractally lattice out over the ground. Give the impression of breathing - heaving imperceptibly slowly. Mind Test to avoid being mesmerised by their patterns, if failed the repeating fractals become lodged in the brain causing distraction and making all Mind tests Hard for a day. 
  6. Earth visible compacted around the outcrop - a heaviness can be felt, a sucking towards the dirt, when approaching. Three Body tests are required to approach the outcrop, one Easy, one normal, the third Hard. Failure results in gravity clawing the being to the ground, pinning them prone. Further tests are required to move away from the outcrop.

And is littered with: 

  1. A spherical helmet of mirrormetal (worth d6 x 20 silver) and a hooded cloak of mirrorcloth (worth d6 x 30 silver). Both look like liquid silver.  
  2. The crusted remains of a rust tabbared knight and three squires - victims of the outcrop's baneful nature. A suit of deteriorating mail armour (+1 Body when defending in Combat, to a maximum of 5) is on the knight (it will fall apart after d6 days once used in combat). 
  3. The soggy remains of a man wearing a burlap sack and a huge straw hat - overtly victimized by the baneful nature of the outcrop. Hands are blackened with soot. A fist sized mosquito of jade, distended red orb for a belly, will fly from corpse on approach. Mosquito will greedily latch onto any being who can cast spells, reducing their Body by 2 and making spell casting Easy. Mosquito can be removed from the flesh with ease -  but host may form addiction to the sublime blood slurping agony. Note: Any being whose Body drops to 0 collapses into a vegetative state. 
  4. Three corpses of sticky black goo, crudely clinging to residual skeleton. Nearby the corpses, several holes chiseled into the outcrop’s stone. A two hand-held device lays clattered on the ground. Devices’ cobalt handgrips allow wielder to direct its spinning crystal tip to make the destruction of stone Easy. Requires a Silver coin as fuel for an hour of gouging.  
  5. The white, dissipating corpse of a petrified wizard. A Hallowed Device clutched in their crumbling hands
  6. A red-raw, red, blister covered corpse wearing a white robe and a heavy abundance of cracked mirror amulets. A glowing green chunk of gemstone nestles in a melted crater of flesh in the torso. Gemstone (worth d6 x 50 silver to a Wizard) constantly burns those that hold it, requiring Hard Body test every hour to avoid spontaneous combustion.