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Chorospyrog: Player Character Generator, NPCs and Events

I shall be running a two week long open table FKR games based in Chorospyrog, The City of Crystal Worm Towers (Original post here: 

If you are interested in playing, join the discord! (Link should be on the side of the page some where).

Player Character Generator: 

Players are either a local citizen of Chorospyrog or an outsider. Roll on the appropriate generator below to get your character. Either you can fill in the details, or I can do that for you. 


Local or outsider all characters also have a minor magic item. Generate the details below. Again, you or I can work out the details. 

NPCs/NPC Groups: Here are the major groups and entities present in the city of Chorospyrog.

  • Revolutionaries: The Horned Teeth Brotherhood. Made up of an alliance of discontents: The Teeth Brothers, The Bloodsuckers, The Maggotkin. Dissatisfied with the rules of the Star Judges. In contact with and believers in the mutative clergy of the Rainbow Heart Priests. All for change and warping. Mostly ex miners and jelly crop workers, but some ex members of the historians, city guard and wormling princes. 
  • City Guard: The Pick Watch. Horned helmets, shirts of squares of copper and gold. Silver pick axe blades. 
  • Star Judges: Purple robes and horned maskethelms of gold. Hold star maces of silver. Always accompanied by silver Pick Watchmen. Always have a servant carrying a book of rules, star movements and predictions. 
  • Water Monks: Silvery blue robes. Silver and gold jewellery in abundance. Tools, daggers. Carts of water. Very knowledgeable in the realm of engineering and devices. 
  • Wormling Princes: The Elite of Worm Head Row. Have teeth removed and replaced with metal fangs – very expensive procedure. Artificial horns and shirts of squares of metal. Boots and knifes and fancy silk shirts.  
  • Rainbow Diamond: The still beating hearts of the crystal tower worms. Huge diamonds, floating, crystal tendrils, shimmering and prismatic. Can be used to warp the architecture of Chorospyrog. Can cause mutations. 
  • Rainbow Heart Priests: The Warping Clergy. Wear robes of white and red. All severely mutated. Spend decades listening to the Rainbow Diamonds and attempting to enact the will of the Worm Kings. Worships the towers as gods. 
  • City Historians: Silver robes and white horned masks. Reclusive, often mute. Record the movements of the towers architecture.   
  • Rot: Spined globules of mercury. Sharp, spiky and creeping and spreading. Is in fact Obsidian Beetle eggs.  
  • Obsidian Beetles: Dog sized beetles with metal mandibles that can remove a person’s arm. Eat everything. 
  • Gilded Maggots: Man eating maggots. Huge and slimy and will continue to grow the more they eat. Teeth of metal. Veins of gold. Effuse a stinking gas that can induce stupor. 
  • Eaglemite: Bear sized beetles with beak like mandibles of metal. Enormous wings. They can float in place and delicate nibble stone into the most ornate of patterns. 
  • Eaglemite Trainers: Suits and thick gloves of maggotskin leathers. Boots and metal tipped whips.  
  • Miners: May work the earth beneath the city, smash the ancient architecture of the towers, or hunt gilded maggots in search of ore. 
  • Workers: Tend jelly crop, support water monks in the use of their devices, transport refuse, clean out eaglemite roosts.  
  • Outcasts and Outsiders: Adventurers from beyond the mud plain who explore The Lost Tower and The Library Tower in search of treasure.  
  • Worm Kings: The gods of the city. They watch from within the walls of all the towers. They cause miracles to happen.  
  • Merchants: Sellers of water, jelly crop, ore, bones, rare mud, books, rare dust, teeth, weapons, armour, general supplies. 

Referee details! Please do not read on if you intended to play in the game! 

Further Tower Details: What follows is a stream of consciousness list of all the things that could be encountered within each tower. An overall atmosphere/vibe/feeling for each. I intend to run the game using Generic Room Stocker and The Infinigrad Weird City Toolkit to generate locations on the fly. 

1. The Tower of The Older Brother: Factories producing teethed armour and pickaxe weapons. The mud of the plains creeps into the tower here and swirls across the walls. Many residents are beset by clanging sickness and sleep in beds of mud. 

Kilns, hammers, factories, burning, workers, mud, mud huts, sickness, disorder, maggots, poverty, despair, mines (gold, copper) beneath the city and in the mud, miners. 

2. The Lost Tower: Overrun with gilded maggots and obsidian beetles. Teams of paired horned pickaxe wielders are here to reclaim the tower.  

Maggots, beetles, spreading rot, lone wild warriors, outcasts, treasures, flooding, mud, once grandeur, murder, crime, despair, overgrown jellycrop. 

3. The Tower of The Pump: Monks of a mud and water based cult work water catching devices that run along the walls of the tower. They also operate mud filtering devices that procure clean water from the mud field of Fosmuck. The monks of Mud are richly adorned as their services are valuable. They are close allies of the Star Judges. 

Monks, temples, devices, water jugs, flooding, blue, judges, guards, mud filtering devices, opulence, material wealth, decadence, corruption. 

4. The Market Tower: This area serves as the foreigner quarter - An abundance of inn and markets. The tower has a somewhat abandoned feeling too it, locals fear the ire of the Star Judges for interacting with outsiders. 

Inns, bars, dancers, exotic materials and supplies, markets, emptying, abandoned, too many guards, revolutionary recruiters, judge spies, paranoia, foreigners, distrust.  

5. The Tower of The Younger Brother: Many farms and training grounds for eagle mites. The exterior walls are exquisitely detailed from eons of eagle mite working. The breeders are very pushy in trying to sell their eagle mite stock. 

Eaglemites, roosts, trainers, judges/guards/monks/revolutionaries all trying to get eaglemites, nests, feeding carrion, flying, poles, industry, hope, art, violence, complicated architecture.  

6. The Muck Tower: All the unwanted refuse of the city is stored, treated, thrown away, here. A high pile of foulness in the mud beneath the tower. Rumours of revolutionary anti Star Judge groups (The Teeth Brothers, The Bloodsuckers, The Maggotkin) dwelling here. The walls are engraved with anti Star Judge sentiment.  

Filth, waste, refuse, muck, disease, guards only at entrance, disorder, defiance, discontent, revolutionaries, hidden weapons, graffiti, huts, workers, pain, rot, beetles, maggots.  

7. The Forgotten Tower: The Worm King/Diamond Heart in control of this tower locked it away from the rest of the city long ago. Its dark crystal walls are all closed. Windows and doors filled in. 

Resting place, silence, Worm Kings, Consciousness, Rainbow Diamonds, prophecy, control, ever shifting, destiny. 

8. Worm Head Row: A bridge with the  crystal mansions of Chorospyrog's most powerful. Foreigners excluded and refused entry. 

Private, elite, rich, judges, leaders, merchants, fences, gates, views of the mud plains, sprawling vistas, opulence, wealth, feasts, orgies, secret violence, greed, hidden rainbow diamonds. 

9. The Hive: The pleasure quarter of the city. Filled with eagle mite fighting pits, slime bars and jelly banquets. Foreigners barely tolerated. Awash with conspiracy, adventure and dodgy dealings. 

Slime and jelly in abundance, decadence, waste, fighting, drunkenness, inebriation, betting, gambling, simmering tension, blood and carapace, eaglemite fights, secret operatives for the star judges/revolutionaries, guards looking the other way, wildness, pleasure, terror. 

10. The Records Tower: A store of food and water for the entire city. Heavily guarded by pickaxe wielding guards accompanied by trained fighting eagle mites. The upper levels are devoted to Chorospyrog's city historians, who sit in mirror filled rooms wearing cloths of shimmering silver. 

Guards, weapons, armour, locked doors, padlocks, control, rigidity, rules, law, order, trained eaglemites, food, water, treasure, supplies, resources, secret knowledge, history, historians, wizards, students, books.  

11. The Tower of Asteria: House the council halls of the Star Judges, rulers of the city. They live, study and preside in the highest levels of the city - watching the stars all evening long and deducting the right and moral actions to take  from their movements. 

Stars, planets, purple, ornate, ceremony, braziers, incense, robes, robes, rules, guards, armoured eaglemites, rules, tradition, temples, courts, tomes, grimoires, lenses, watching, planning, plotting, judges.

12. Houses of the Diamond Hearts: 6 of the 10 Diamond Hearts have been recovered and put on display in temples here. Being in their presence is purported to have mutative effects. Heavily tooth armored guards protect the temples. All of the priests that tend the crystals are in a conspiracy to attempt to over throw the Star Judges. The conspiracy refers to itself as The Way of The Worms.

Temples, priests, mutations, diamonds, crystals, crystal veins and vines, rainbows, rainbow crystals, openness, change, fluid, warped guards, mutated weapons, mutated eaglemites, mutated priests, disorder, disregard for tradition/law/order, rainbow robes, bones. 
13. The Library Tower: At some point in history this Worm Towers Diamond Heart was destroyed. The tower is crumbling, falling apart. Dust storms from the plains whips into the wide open holes of the walls. A library of public record was once housed here - but it has largely fallen into ruin. The most important books were moved to the Records Tower. It is very likely the floor or walls will collapse while travelling here.  

Wreck, ruin, collapse, wind, dust, dust piles, sand piles, dried mud, beetles, rot, husks, bones, loose pages, abandoned devices, pages blowing in the wind, ancient books.  

Super secret referee details! Definitely do not read on if you intended to play in the game! 

Chorospyrog Doomsday Clock: As I want to keep this a short game, the city of Chorospyrog will be inexorably crawling towards wreck, ruin war and chaos. These events will be happening around the players during their two week visit to Chorospyrog 


1. Rot outbreak in The Market Tower (4). Malaise

2. Clanging sickness outbreak in The Tower of The Older Brother (1). Malaise.

3. Gilded maggots seize The Tower of the Pump (3), cutting off water supplies for the rest of the city. Panic.

4. Rot outbreak in The Tower of the Younger Brother (5). Malaise

5. Assassination of Diamond Heart Priest in The Houses of the Diamond Hearts (12). Outrage

6. Revolutionaries seize The Tower of The Older Brother (1). Panic

7. The Library Tower (13) collapses. Utter panic. 

8. City Guards seize The Market Tower (4) on behest of the Star Judges, foreigners arrested, martial law instituted. Outsiders no longer allowed in. Outrage.

9. The Forgotten Tower (7) opens up. Endless dark labyrinths are inside. All those who visit are lost forever… Panic and curiosity. 

10. Revolutionaries seize Wormhead Row (8), many Wormling Princes murdered. Outrage.

11. Assassination of more Diamond Heart Priest in The Houses of the Diamond Hearts (12). Outrage.  

12. City Guards seize The Houses of Diamond Hearts (12) on behest of the Star Judges. Martial law instituted. Priests tried and killed for sedition. Rainbow Diamonds in The Houses of Diamond Hearts (12) moved to The Tower of Asteria (11). Outrage and panic. 

13. The Horned Teeth Brotherhood and the City Guard begin warring in The Hive (9) – both groups attempting to seize control of the tower. War

14. The Market Tower (4) and The Tower of the Younger Brother, explode with Rot and are lost to obsidian beetles. Refugees are crammed into The Tower of the Older Brother (1). Fighting continues else where in the city. Panic and war. 

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