Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Super Hero World Generator!

 Following on from this post: https://lizardmandiaries.blogspot.com/2021/08/super-herovillain-generator-freeform.html Here is the "Referee's Guide" for A Super Hero RPG. 

Suggested Story Arc / Set up for A Super Hero RPG campaign: 

  • The Setting: The Referee uses the “What is the Backstory of this Super Hero world?” generator to sketch out some details of the campaign world. They may also like to use the “Place Generator” to map out some places in that world then use the “What is happening in this Place of the Super Hero world?” to find out interesting things that are happening there. 
  • Prelude: Players each generate a Super that they like and want to play. A quick solo session with each Super using the “Mission Generator” might serve as the origin story of each Super. These missions may happen in the places generated by the referee earlier. 
  • Missions: The Referee generates three missions using the “Mission Generator”. They can use the “Organisation Generator” and “Place Generator” to flesh out details for these. The “Area Stocker” can be used by the Referee to see what are in specific areas within a place. 
  • Mission 1: The team of super heroes that the players are controlling get together to attempt an important mission! An antagonistic opposing Super is introduced in this mission (the Referee can create a Super by using the same method the Players use) but is not directly confronted. 
  • Mission 2: At some point in this mission a twist takes place! The Referee can use the “Twist Generator” for this. Again the opposing Super is not directly confronted. 
  • Mission 3: At some point in this mission the opposing Super is directly confronted (and hopefully defeated by the players). 
  • The End: Hopefully the Supers have learnt something about themselves and others on their team and they are ready to face the next challenge! 
The Automated Super Hero World Generators: Click the buttons to get the details you need! If you want the raw tables you can find the document here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MlgTjjmmnuni8oaT5Efdzx0PkcBxgsid22rJ0Pnazzg/edit?usp=sharing (I shall also attempt to put it all together into a PDF at some point in the future). Enjoy! 

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