Thursday, 19 August 2021

The Frozen Slime Palace

A friend and I are working on an android app version of the The Generic Room Stocker. Its designed to quickly generate random fantasyish places for tabletop adventure games. I thought I would give it a whirl to show how it works and how easy it is to put together a place for your game. I gave the locale four rooms to avoid me spiraling off into writing a mega dungeon. Here is the "Frozen Slime Palace" - whack it on a hex map somewhere! 

Assume large arch ways connect each room (made of ornately gold gilded frozen slime). 

Room 1: 

The gravity in this room is reversed and the thawing slime drips up to the  domed ceiling in green, wet stalagmites. Half formed faces and skulls bob and leer and appear and disappear, upside down, in the slime walls. Several cages of hardened (frozen) slime, protrude from the domed ceiling - skeletons and rotting dead men in these. 

A green statue of an armored man stands the right way up, surrounded by the up dripping slime - totally still. Gold circuitry runs across its form. Once interlopers enter the room it will smash them silently with green marble fists. When a punch is landed a bladed tube enters the target's flesh and begins to sap them of their internal fluids.  

As the statue attacks interlopers the up dripping stalagmites of slime coalesce into firm tentacles that attempt to grasp intruders and place them in the ceiling cages. 

Room 2: 
A dome of frozen green slime. Large tables made of this same slime emerge from the floor. On each table is a glowing map of  a specific area or building from the region. The map is chiseled directly into the table - hewn of frozen slime. A golden face on each table intones details about the map in a robotic voice. 

A knight in black carapace armour studies one of the maps, discussing routes and details chattily with a map table's golden face. He leans on his huge barbed, insectoid looking lance and his massive rhino-beetle mount trundles around the room. If disturbed the knight will regale interlopers of his quest to rescue a larval damsel from waspian ruffians in nearby hivecliffs. He would appreciate companions on this task...  

Room 3: 

A hut sized pot of green frozen slime marble hangs from the dome of this room by emerald chains. The pot is overflowing with a jungle of slime vines and flowers in a rainbow explosion of colours. The foliage creeps up the chains and coats the domed frozen slime ceiling and dangles down over the sides of the pot. Huge golden script covers the visible part of the pot not covered in slime vines. 

The flowers emit no scent, instead whispering a muttering of many indecipherable voices. If approached the slime vines will reach out to interlopers. If left the vines and flowers will wrap around an interloper, the muttering whispers overwhelming them. After a few moments of vine foliage embrace the interlopers consciousness will leave their body and will be able to float high into the air, astral projecting.  This process is useful for surveying the nearby region.   

Room 4: 

Columns of clear, green tinged, frozen slime fill this domed room. Floating within each are fist sized metal boxes of ornate gold. 

Touching the frozen slime columns with the circuit covered marble of the statue from room 1 makes the slime soft and malleable - allow the extraction of the gold boxes. When placed on a flat surface the boxes miraculously unpack into three dimensional metal maps of random regions of the world, incredibly realistic and accurate. 

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