Saturday, 17 June 2017

Catacombs of the Invigorating Dirge (1 Page Dungeon)

"Sublime tune has been nightly wafting from the cliffside catacombs for endless moons. Local populace wracked with trepidation and foreboding. Whispered reports of floating bones and from-far neer-do-wells tamping through homes of dead during slumbering hours."

A 1 page dungeon tuned for TBH but usable in any game methinks. Take a party of adventurers to chat to "Barg the Man Driver".

I used the methodology outlined here  to create this 1 page dungeon. I've been doing a bit of mucking about with "layout" recently and I just wanted to try out a couple of things and this is the result. I tried to keep the text as sparse but evocative as possible. Might do some more of these in the future!

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