Sunday, 25 June 2017

Fuzing Monsters

+Scrap Princess suggested the following elegant method for coming up with monsters:

"If you are just straight up picking a monster out of the book to use but it's still so boring the convenience doesn't seem worth it , try combining it with the preceding/receding monster."

Brilliant if you happen to find yourself at the table armed with nothing but a dry and dusty monster manual!

I thought I would try a similar concept, smashing two concurrent monsters together from two different books. Here I've combined monsters in order as they appear in the 4th edition monster manual, with the monsters in order as they appears in the 4th edition underdark book.

ABOLETH + DUERGAR = Dueboleth 

Squat slugmen that enthrall sludge working slaves through pheromone ridden slime. Sludge slaves pile up vast structures of sculpted mud in Dueboleth owned swamps. When mud structures reach their pinnacles many Duebloeth crowd about to watch inevitable collapse. They slobbercackle wetly at the one who lost his slaves and mud pile.

(HD: 2, Vomits slime that acts as charm spell to all nearby).

 ANGEL + GOBLINS = Goblin Angel 

Corpulent and winged, ever birthing fresh goblin offspring from above. Will nest in some secret spot during the day, and spread her sons and daughters about the land at night. Goblin Angels explain sudden and dramatic infestations in areas that are traditionally goblin free.

(HD: 4, Births a HD1 goblin every d6 rounds when in darkness)

 TROGLODYTES + ARCHON = Primeval Lizard 

(Basically David Icke lizard people)

Immortal scaled ones present at the conception of the current age. Only leave the inner earth when on hunt for new thralls. Looking one in the eye causes the mind to melt away. Can possibly change shape but power is mostly irrelevant as can bring mortals to their knees with a gaze. 

(HD: 8 (will revive in 12 hours after "death"), test WIS if eye contact made or lose d6 INT permanently (can occur more than once)).

 BEHOLDER + AZER = Azolder 

Volcanoes are gods and the azolder are their servants. Heads of single eyed belching flame and body of hardened pumice. Colonies of priestly Azolders obey the inscrutable demands of the bubbling magma pit beneath them. The thing at the bottom of the magma is, of course, an enormous eye.

(HD: 3, Fireball can erupt from headeye once a round).

Go try it yourself!

Note: (I've skipped some monsters because a) they were too silly/unwieldy/boring (Abominations) or b) Didn't see them due to the weird layout of the underdark book (Dwarfs)).

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