Saturday, 24 June 2017

Fortress of The Fungi Chemist, Level 1

Here's a demo/preview of "Fortress of The Fungi Chemist", a dungeon PDF thing I'm working on. It shall be 3 dungeon levels, an entrance region map and a couple of extra area generators once finished.

Written up for TBH but easy enough to run with anything you're playing, I imagine.

Level 1 could probably work fine as a stand alone dungeon, plop it down some where and make the descending stairs just go to random caverns or another dungeon.

Introduction text for the GM from the PDF: Lightless, vine-covered and rotting-stone, top level of abandoned dwarf fortress. Beneath vines is ever impressive carved stone, crumbling with damp and vegetation. Barracuda men mostly inhabit flooded western half, jungle dwarfs the east. As highest level of fortress allows views of jungle and of interior cavern.

If you do have a peruse (or even better run!) any feedback is appreciated, so I can tighten/change things before the lumbering and eventual final release. 

Some preview images: 

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