Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Mutations of Venus

With the armillary broken and order abandoned, the vapors of the stars flood the earth. God's creations are forever changed. The voluptuous gasses of Venus bring roiling sensuousness, indolence and multiplication of the flesh. Men abandon their higher selves to descend into pits of pleasure and beast's wantonness overrides their self preservation. 

The mutations known to be brought to earth by the fragrant steam of Venus are listed below. 


Venusian Mutations of Men, d6: 

  1. Those with the curse of knee weakening voluptitude, their requests impossible to ignore.  
  2. Those whose single touch instills feverish and suicidal loyalty. 
  3. Enormous mothers, relentlessly giving birth to never ending and malformed offspring. 
  4. The welding and weaving of flesh and fashion - garments, equipment, uniforms, weapons become one with the body. 
  5. Too powerful pheromones that bring a dazing and languid stupor  
  6. Men whose minds become legion, so close that they share they same thoughts through different bodies. 

Venusian Mutations of Beasts, d6:

  1. Hordes, plagues and infections brought on by relentless breeding. 
  2. Beasts too beautiful and charming to slay, let alone raise arms against. 
  3. Terrible and wrongformed offspring brought on by the coupling of men with too charming beasts. 
  4. Commanding and charismatic beasts that give orders to men. 
  5. The bestial wrought with raiment, animals in the clothes of men. 
  6. Deadly hunting partners, beasts mirrored and two halves of the same whole. 

Venusian Mutations of the Wilds, d6: 
  1. White bubbly foam erupts wherever possible (prone to birth new life). 
  2. Enormous, fragrant and intoxicating flowers. 
  3. Perfect temperatures and vistas that instill ease and comfort. Dream like lands, hard to leave. 
  4. A land roiling and scented with constant copulation. 
  5. Overgrown beyond measure, flora and fauna overflowing in every direction. 
  6. Countless warm bubbling pools. 

Venusian Mutations of the Town, d6: 

  1. Villages whose inhabitants are singularly obsessed and filled with lust for a single object of affection. 
  2. Proliferation of love triangles, trysts and suicidal pacts. 
  3. Exaggerated indolence - Lotus eaters. 
  4. Never ending parades of foul and obsessive arrangement of garments and uniforms. 
  5. Brothel towns, wracked with pimps. 
  6. Towns too kind, too welcoming, too enticing to be trusted.

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