Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Infinigrad: The Weird City Toolkit

Here's a new release on DriveThru RPG from me, its mostly stuff that's been seen on this blog at one point or another - so if you've enjoyed that consider picking up a copy!

Infinigrad roils over a corrupted and mutated plane of intersecting multiverses, a situation brought on by wanton abuse of magically weaponry during the Alleyway Conflagration.

After long eons of fighting, The Law was introduced. The Law is a curse that prevents any of The Guilds directly raising arms against one another.

Only The Adventurers, those vagabonds who exist outside the normal strata of The City's social spheres, and its infinite network of shady alliances, can truly claim non-affiliation with any of The Guilds. Only they can keep the century long conflict going.

Infinigrad: The Weird City Toolkit is a bundle of automated tools for quickly generating endless details for fantasy urban environments. From generating unique suburb descriptions to the professions and inner desires of NPCs on the street, the largest to the smallest details are only a click away! Designed to be used at the table, Infinigrad: The Weird City Toolkit will ensure you always have the answer when your players ask, “What’s in that building?”, “What’s down that alleyway?” or, “What’s on the other side of the canal?”.

Includes fully automated HTML generators for:

  • Suburb overviews, including appearance, purpose, dangers and weirdness.
  • Building stocking.
  • Building appearance.
  • NPC professions, desires, and weaponry.
  • Merchants.
  • Items small and large for stores and workshops.
  • Magical items.
  • Ornamentation.
  • Mental pursuits.
  • Entertainment venues.
  • Gangs, including leaders, appearances, cultures, and desires.
  • Order Keepers, including leaders, appearances, cultures, and desires.
  • Temples and Gods.
  • Monsters.
  • Dungeons.
  • Guilds, including areas of expertise, operating procedure, and appearance.
  • Augmentations.  
  • Jobs and missions.
  • Room stocking, atmosphere and ornamentation.
  • Inhabitant reaction.
  • Devices.
  • Traps.

Infinigrad: The Weird City Toolkit also includes a fully automated HTML generator for creating unique Guild Dogs for players to pick up and play in seconds (or to use as dangerous and interesting NPCs).

A PDF with visual tables for generating Suburb and Building Maps is also included.

Infinigrad: The Weird City Toolkit is completely system neutral.

Visit Infinigrad today! 


  1. Neat! Any possibility of adding a preview on drivethru?

    1. It's a bit hard with the file format they are (offline HTML pages), but if you go to this post: that will give you a good idea of what the toolkit does! I'm trying to get a couple of people to review the toolkit so people get a good idea of how it works - but I've not had much luck getting that to happen!

    2. Cool! Have you sent it to

    3. I have not! I would like to send it to them but I can't seem to find an email or a contact option on their blog.

  2. This is a nice collection of tools.
    Is the stuff in blog going to remain or will it be deleted, now that the commercial version is available?

    1. Thanks! All the stuff on the blog shall remain!

    2. This is lovely to know, thank you.

  3. I will certainly look into it; my own "open table" campaign, such as it is, is basically a City of Adventure and the players are members of the City Guard, so this sounds extremely useful!

    1. From experience I can say it works well for that! I spent a couple of months using the stuff in there to run an online open table :)

  4. Any more thoughts on a print version?

    1. Well, I now have a massive document with all of the tables in it. I don't have it in me to lay it all out/get art organized for it yet - but hopefully one day! I do daydream about doing a kick starter for a hard copy version where I could pay some one to do lay out and lots of art but thats not in me yet.

  5. Here's another vote for print, still waiting for Shit Future in print as well. You make anything available in print and I'll buy it, I have to date...I don't much care for pdf's.

    1. Thanks for buying all the print stuff! Shit Future is coming - definitely this year. The Infinigrad Toolkit in print might take a bit longer...

  6. Does this supersede or include the tables from The Transient Bazaar and/or The Blasphemous Roster?

    1. Tables and other content I should say - looking at whether I should buy all three or just this.

    2. Thanks for asking! Well, this toolkit is the most comprehensive and includes some tables from The Blasphemous Roster. It does not include any tables from The Transient Bazaar (but does include tools for generating merchants and stores). Both the Transient Bazaar and Blasphemous Roster have extensive "visual generators" which are quite unique and are not included in the toolkit.

      I think this toolkit is the most useful for running city games of the three, but if you like it and need some further visual inspiration definitely get the Blasphemous Roster because it has a similar vibe (the transient bazaar is PWYW so just pick that one up for free!). Hope this helps!