Thursday, 22 July 2021

The Crab Temple

I used the Generic Room Stocker ( to quickly sketch out a dungeon. The Generic Room Stocker now includes a HTML file that made the job incredibly quick. I got lucky and a nautical theme emerged - making this location perfect to place on the shores of The White Sea. The dungeon is presented in a very barebones, impressionistic manner that will hopefully be fun to run as more details reveal themselves through play! (Perhaps using a FKR ruleset such as Kontext Spiel d6:

I used Donjon for a randomly generated map (

The Crab Temple. 

  • Assume a thick layer of sand – sometimes piling up into dunes, chunks of limestone and mounds of seaweed over walls, floors and ceilings of shimmering obsidian. 
  • Assume all doors are a seaweed curtain. 

1. Coral thrones that are bladed and poisoned. A Sacred Lizard Dragoon is friendly and gregariously eager to assist and is searching for known of treasure.

2. Driftwood arches crackling with fey energy. Barnacles. An Overgrown Watching Puss Octopus is conducting ritual worship of the arches and is friendly and gregariously wanting to attack. 

3. Precious coral, incredibly old and in the shape of cephalopods. They hide a deadly trap of shimmering fog that target the mind with massive gusts of wind.

4. Sacred huge, rusted hooks hang from the ceiling on chains, they are infused with eyes and covered in tiny white crabs. 

5. Hundreds of burnt treasure chests, decorated with suns and moons. Some are covered in stinking gas leaking barnacles. 

6. Walls covered in tiny, bladed crabs, fish and octopi made of scavenged metal and driftwood. These are locked in place. 

7. Minuscule Corrupting Sludge Octopi are transporting huge salt crystals that are seeping shadows. The crystals cause pustules to erupt on the skin of those that touch them. The octopi are violently and furiously preparing to attack. The Salt crystals are dredged from a salty pool in the room. 

8. A Wily Corrupting Beast Crab is cooly and aloofly pickling and preserving jumble of people parts and pieces in salt crystals. Pile of people parts and another salty pool are in the room. The crab will attack if disturbed. 

9. Swirling vines of seaweed on walls. Crawling with crabs sizzling with acid. Traps are hidden in areas that are conspicuously clean and tidy. The traps target the victim’s Head with Chemicals of blinding and stunning.

10. Necklaces hang on the wall they are made of preserved organs and are covered in bugs. The necklaces emanate calming energy. Wearing them transforms the wearer into crab person and slowly consumes them. 

11. Shelves of bulbous glowing canisters filled with eyes. These are harnesses for people and beasts. 

12. Mounds of human bones/skulls and white crab exoskeletons. Laced with pipes that are Bubbling with rot and crackling with fey energy. The pipes vaporise flesh and emit pleasure. 

13. A Doomed Worm Archer is trapped in swirling vines of seaweed. The vines are crawling with huge white ghost crabs. The archer is mockingly and derisively looking for an argument.

14. Sea salt cages covered in amazingly attractive and crumbling brooches of coral. The cages house humanoids that are abominations of people, crabs and octopi. 


  1. Holy smokes! This is awesome!

  2. I might use this, as I live in South Florida - it'll be atmospheric for the players. I've no idea what most of these monsters are, but that's alright for Free Kriegspiel, isn't it? (I call it gaming by the seat of my pants.)

    1. Gaming by the seat of your pants is the best way to go! I think everyone's personal version of "Minuscule Corrupting Sludge Octopi" will be a little different and that's great. Enjoy! Would love to hear how it goes - interested to see what the players discover...