Friday, 9 July 2021

The White Sea

I am once again attempting to put together a dungeon for my much neglected patrons ( This time around I am using the newly released Generic Room Stocker ( to put together a dungeon to use with my FKR freeform ruleset Kontext Spiel d6 (! Links out of the way, here is the surrounding area of the dungeon I am working on...The White Sea! 

The White Sea: This flat rotten sea slimily laps its shores. Surges of white light flash intermittently deep below (a low mist of sparks is visible in the evenings). The water stinks, tingles the flesh on touch and tastes of iron and rotted meat. Flesh submerged in the white sea will begin to burn after a few moments - the deeper the flesh goes the stronger the burn (the feeling is like thousands of worms attempting to eat their way out of the interior of the body). Somehow descending to the floor of the sea (by nullifying the burning effects of electricity)  reveals a sloughed soup of grey meat. Forests of bones gouge through the soup layer. Towering above these are huge copper columns sparking massive gouts of lighting.   

The following may be encountered while sailing on The White Sea: 

Bloated Leviathan Corpse: Enormous, white, rotting, upturned fish belly (several people could easily stand and walk upon its floating blubber). Drippy and slimy with puss and mucus. d6 dog sized mantises, pick stalk over the corpse - feasting on flesh. The mantises are bone white and studded with milky gems the size of eyeballs. Their scythes are incredibly sharp. They are capable of short bursts of flight. The mantises are jealous of sharing their meat and will spring at any sailors approaching their floating fleshisland. Chunks of ambergris and other exoitc leviathan parts are ripe for picking aboard the corpse. 

Electrical Storms: A forest of ever sparking Inverted lightning bolts, fanning out from the water towards the heavens. Localised to an area about the size of a small wood. Incredibly dangerous but a great supply of lightning (if needed).  

Worm Pirates: Yellow sailed sloops manned by d6 blood sucking worm headed pirates. The worm pirates are dressed gaudily and are equipped with curved swords (though their fang filled, blood sucking tendrilmaws cause just as much damage as their weapons). The hideously long necks emerging from their frilled collars are lined with gills. The worm pirates seem to have some form of unspoken communication between one another - but only shriek and scream incoherently banshee-like at outsiders. Their yellow sails will stalk other vessels, gauging their defences and potential loot. Worm pirates desire fresh flesh above all else, but are partial to gems and (which they keep in sacks of salt). A worm pirate sloop will have a stock of rotting flesh, ambergris, interesting bones, salted gems and moist mounds of dirt.

Sea Vulture: A huge black feathered bird, each wing the length of a person. Gore and blood dripping hook beak, sharp and tearing. Finger long claws of near metal hardness (also blood stained). Blood is its main source of water - and a sea vulture is always thirsty! Leaves behind a stringy carcass - but arm length feathers are a trade worthy curio. 


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    1. Thanks! Hopefully get the rest of the dungeon written soon.

  2. In one of those odd synchronicity things I find happening a bit of late I've been going through some doodled maps done a week or two ago. One of them has a 'white sea' location on it. This just seems to fit quite well.

    1. Perfect! You need to jump on those synchronicities when they come up.

  3. Love them Worm Pirates - might have to borrow.

  4. Lovely, gruesome descriptions!